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Access Adjustable Paving & Decking Supports

Product description

InStar Access (Adjustable) paving/decking supports are available in 6 sizes, starting from 8mm up to 230mm (greater height adjustment can be achieved by the use of extension pieces) Maximum height of 470mm.  

The range in height adjustment means that paved/ decked areas can be laid flat even when drainage slopes have been incorporated into the underlying substrate. Features include “Easy-screw” and “Click Off” proprietary systems for adjusting and maintaining the desired height.

The InStar Access (Adjustable) paving/decking supports comprise of three component pieces:

  • A rotating head piece, including a 4 spacer notched at right angles for easy installation close edges & in the corners (thickness: 3mm).
      - Alternatively: A head piece for use with timber decking comprising a flat base and vertical guide for joist fixing.
  • Equipped with a 200mm flange at the chamfered edge to prevent damage to the seal, with multi perforation for eliminating water retention (rot  and mosquito resistant).
  • Fine-tune adjustment with its unique 4-tab hand-operated plate-screw

Key benefits

  • 6 sizes from 8mm to 230mm – compensates for most deck slopes
  • 8-20mm support for terrace and patios (Slabs/Ceramics)
  • Maximum height 470mm (including extension pieces)
  • Large 200mm base to spread load, Interlocking grooves to strengthen floor grip 
  • Snap off spacing tabs notched at right angles for easy installation
  • Special head designed for use with decking joists (Special order)
  • Fully compatible with InStar Perimeter Pad, Extensions and Plinth Clip accessories.